Food and Beverages
Ludgate has undertaken projects for both new build and refurbished facilities in the Food and Beverages sector which requires specialized design expertise.

Where refurbishment of existing Food Processing Facilities are being undertaken, it is of great importance to ensure that existing production and processing facilities are kept operational and not disrupted while any works are taking place. The engineering systems need to be designed to take due cognizance of this requirement.

A good understanding of the product and process requirements and mechanical handling systems is critical so that associated engineering solutions and services can be designed to create the relevant environmental solutions. This includes close control high care environments where required within operational facilities. The evaluation of accurate load profiles from process information supplied by equipment suppliers is also critical in order to optimize central plant selections and installation.

Ludgate has considerable experience and a proven track record in designing systems, taking into consideration the above critical factors and has successfully delivered numerous projects in the food sector.

Ludgate can specify energy efficient design solutions that minimise downtime of production facilities and also incorporate the required contingencies for plant failures.

Codes and Standards

Regulations and recommendations are constantly being updated within the Food Industry and a flexible design approach with an ability to understand and service highly complex process and automated systems with the correct environmental systems is necessary , another area where Ludgate have demonstrated considerable success over the years.